The Art of Kasey Tararuj

Kasey Tararuj is a NJ-based artist who experienced a traumatizing moment in her teenage years when an unexpected AVM on her spinal cord suddenly took away the use of her legs.  Through this experience, she found her passion for art both life changing and life saving.  It took over a decade of depression and creating dark and emotional work to realize life is still exciting and incredibly fulfilling…. which led to her obsession with creating a world of crazy and unique characters.

Primarily focusing on custom vinyl toys and original sculpts, Kasey uses humor and emotion to create spirited characters, each with their own individual personalities. She feeds off her own amusements, playfulness, hunger, boredom, or defeat to create work intended for giggles, for others to relate to, and simply for the sake of creating something fun. Each and every one is full of life and love!